The promotion of designers, their ranges, and our events is an all-year exercise with a dedicated team allocated to each project, and designer lineup. We are the only fashion week owner to ensure that promotion of platform is not limited to around the build up events, and post event.   This provides the value to our designers, as well as sponsors and partners.


Our platform PR and marketing structures ensure that we do a “build from below” approach to promoting our participating designers and labels.  We utilise the international model of providing a well publicised showing platform, with the necessary support structures, and also curating the collections to the necessary standards.  From this point, we ensure there is the right mix of media, buyers and guests to ensure that the ranges are spoken about, whether in print, on social media or from opinion or industry leaders.  Through this model, the designers get exposure and recognition in the media and from those interested in the designs.   This is bottom up, demand building, and through our education or guidance, designers can leverage these opportunities to increase stockists, promote the label and build the final consumer awareness, interest and therefore, demand.


Sponsors and Partners:

Year-round promotion of our platforms in mainstream, below-the-line, and industry media ensure that our sponsors or partners enjoy the maximum available ROI on their sponsorship spend, or involvement with Fashion Institute.  We are here to promote, push and look after our sponsors and partners.   Each has an account manager, and a single point of contact to ensure that our involvement is exactly to what they require, or perhaps update us with latest happenings or other projects that we can speedily integrate into our mix of platforms or projects.

Promotion of our platforms, along with title sponsors, is the key method of funding Fashion Institute.  Or passion to grow each segment of the fashion industry also see’s us creating new platforms and innovating on existing ones continually – opening up the possibilities and exposure for the brands and companies that are proud to be involved with us.